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Paring Down & Moving

Home Staging & Moving Services

Are you moving to a new location yourself, or perhaps helping to move an elderly loved one? No matter how often we do it, we vow that it will not be the same as last time.  So, where to begin? What to do with the “stuff” in the attic, basement, or worse, the back of “that” closet? How to decide what to take and where to put it in the new place! Packing! Eek!


The endless list of moving questions, needs, and details can be overwhelming and daunting under the best of circumstances! I provide a wide range of management and organizational services, a skilled ear to ascertain what is needed and a collaborative style that brings order to the chaos of selling a home, packing up, moving out and moving in. 

I’ll help you sort through and dispose of excess belongings and implement changes needed to make your home feel more welcoming to potential buyers. I have a strong network of quality realtors, movers, auctioneers, clean-out personnel, and donations organizations. I will put together a team of experts to manage the various aspects of the sale of your home and your move so that you are freed up to handle everything else on your plate that can’t wait until after the move.


Transitioning Seniors 


Imagine it’s time to help your parents downsize and move into Assisted Living. What if you live far away or you have job and family obligations that limit your ability to help them? I work with a team of professionals to handle the countless details of a move, while providing physical and emotional support for your loved ones.


Even if distance and time may limit your direct participations, you can still play a critical role from afar by celebrating their accomplishments during the sorting and packing process. My experience and sensitivity in working with older adults can make these transitions smoother and easier for everyone.  

Contact me to guide and support you through this process.

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